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Shenzhen's Homegrown Cyborg

They only made up about 10 percent of previous admissions, but she’s committed to changing that. "I think with Naomi, what she’s kind of been doing is bridging the gap between Western makers and people creating these technologies" Like Wu, Liao believes that Chinese women are at a disadvantage in the maker community. Liao resentfully describes a male associate who, upon meeting her, said she looked like “a little girl.” “I heard about stories [of sexism toward women] in Silicon Valley. Before, I felt that was far away. But last year, I felt it here also,” she adds. Wu’s relationship to others in the Shenzhen maker scene is a bit more complicated. Wu says there are many women who align themselves with China’s maker community, including female engineers, but calls herself one of Shenzhen’s only female makers. At one point, her Twitter bio claimed she was “Mainland China's only female Maker hobbyist since 2015.” (Wu likes to argue semantics when discussing other Chinese makers. For example, she considers herself a pure “hobbyist,” rather than a businessperson who uses making to chase entrepreneurial pursuits.) She’s since changed it, but the claim sparked annoyance in parts of Shenzhen’s maker community.

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