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Mercury enters Libra! We may find ourselves having conversations with a diversity of people with a diversity of beliefs and opinions in order to better understand our own ideas and opinions. #astrology #mercury #libra #higherconsciousness

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Autumn Equinox astrology: What is the September equinox 2018 horoscope?

“The season wheel turns as we begin the journey to darkness. Autumn Equinox: Astrologers believe the Equinox takes place in the sign of Libra (Image: GETTY) “In preparation for the winter cycle, balance your body, mind and spirit. “Avoid catching colds or flu by taking better care of yourself. Be sure to rest and sleep. On the day of the eclipse the Sun will appear to pass directly over the equator – the imaginary line cutting the planet in half. In the Northern Hemisphere this will lead to the arrival of autumn and in the Southern Hemisphere the opposite is true – it will mark the start of spring. The season wheel turns as we begin the journey to darkness As the Northern Hemisphere tilts away from the Sun, less sunlight will hit these parts of the world which will eventually lead to winter. But as the temperatures slowly start to chill, astrologer Jan Spiller suggests you do not let the same thing happen to your closest relationships. The astrologer said the Sun in Libra recognises the “objective identity” of other people and seeing how you can all fit together as a team. The Autumn Equinox this month is the astronomical end of summer and start of autumn (Image: GETTY) Astrologers think the Autumn Equinox 2018 is a time of emotional balance (Image: GETTY) She said: “Scorpio is seeing into the emotional depths of those they are relating to and seek kindred souls they can bond with.

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